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Fixed Operating Ranges 0.5-6 meters
Resolution 500 pixels per inch
Processing time 1 second
Size 3" x 6" x 7"

AIRprint™ enables rapid, long range collection of fingerprints. The ability to rapidly collect fingerprints at a standoff distance dramatically improves identification options for security personnel and increases safety. The sensor collects fingerprints from a distance of up to six meters at more than 500 pixels per inch and gives fingerprinting the same ease-of-use as facial recognition, without giving up available databases and near universal acceptance. (SEE FULL ARTICLE)


Fixed Operating Ranges 4 cm
Resolution 500 pixels per inch
Processing time 1 second
Size 1.75" x 2.25" x 7"

ONEprint™ is a touchless fingerprint system developed by AOS that allows for easy, fast, identification or verification. At an access point, the user places his finger under the device and in less than a second is verified and able to move on. The user makes no contact with any surface, ensuring maintenance free operation and no latent print interference.

Biometric Corridor™:

Fixed Operating Ranges 1-3 meters
Resolution 120 pixel IED
Processing time 1 second
Size Industrial - 7.5'x4'

Biometric Corridor™ is a product developed by AOS for on-the-go facial recognition. The ability to rapidly collect facial images from multiple look angles dramatically improves the throughput rates that are possible at busy access points. The system collects multiple facial images as a person walks through a doorway without interrupting their gait or the angle of their head. AOS then selects the best images and passes these images to an established facial recognition software package. Though agnostic to software package, the system is currently integrated with L1’s Identix System. (SEE FULL ARTICLE)

Agile AIRprint™:

Fixed Operating Ranges 2-3 meters
Resolution 500 pixels per inch
Processing time 3 seconds per finger
Size 11" x 11" x 9"

Agile AIRprint automatically locates and tracks a subject up to three meters away and captures a fingerprint suitable for identifying that subject. The newly designed system builds upon the success of the original AIRprint long range fingerprint sensor (named one of Popular Science Magazine’s Top 100 innovations of the year) and requires much less cooperation and training. (SEE FULL ARTICLE)

AOS Non-contact Fingerprint Sensor Benefits:

Critical NeedsInked FingerprintsTouch Optical ReaderONEprint™AIRprint™
Easy Collection  
Minimal Training for Collectors  
Safe Distance from Test Subject      
No cleaning after each test subject    
Compatible with existing fingerprint database
No fingerprint deformation    
No latent prints  
Easily Portable  
Positive Identification
No Consumable Supplies    
No Public Health Risks    
Operating Range Contact Contact 5 cm 2 m
Speed of Collection     Less than 1 second Less than 1 second
Speed of Identity Verification     Less than 1 second Less than 1 second
Covert Collection      


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