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Our goal is to give the warfighter or astronaut the means to perform their mission better and at lower personal risk. AOS has hardware, software, and technical expertise ready to rapidly explore your application.

Biometrics Products

  • ANDI OTG - Fingerprint collection at walking speed
  • ANDI 200 - Contactless fingerprint collection from up to three meters away
  • ANDI 5.0 - Quick touchless fingerprinting for secure access
  • ANDI MOB - Mobile device SDK for biometric security on mobile devices
  • AIRprint - Fingerprint collection from a distance      ANDI Products
  • Biometric Corridor™ - Rapid facial recognition on the move

PCI-104 Processing Cards          


Follow these links for more detailed information on the rest of our product offerings:

HERMES - Auto Slingload for helicopters

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