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Product Development using OMAP3x Processing 

Advanced Optical Systems specializes in the development of technology prototypes and low-rate production. We developed multiple devices using OMAP3x processors. One of our best tools for OMAP-based product development is the family of Gumstix COMs. We have used our expertise with Gumstix products to rapidly and inexpensively develop a line of touchless fingerprint readers for a customer.


ONEprint product. Touchless fingerprint sensor.

The Gumstix Difference

In 2003, Gumstix pioneered the concept of an extremely small computer-on-module with a full implementation of Linux™. Gumstix continues to provide some of the most innovative design and production solutions to our customers, small and large, who design and build small devices. The Gumstix technology portfolio shortens prototyping time, lowers costs, and gets customers' products to market ahead of their competition.

 Gumstix COM

AOS has worked closely with Gumstix to take advantage of the benefits of shorter prototyping time and lower costs leading to production. 

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